Authentic Japanese Ramen in LA


In 2011, Rakkan Ramen began as a tiny, four seated ramen bar in Tokyo. In 2017, with our passion for the world to taste our authentic Japanese Ramen, we opened our first overseas location in Los Angeles, CA.


Rakkan Ramen is an authentic Japanese Ramen. Our broth, made with Dashi, is jam packed with flavor.

What is Dashi?

Dashi is a traditional Japanese soup stock full of umami bringing out the best of each ingredient.


We take umami seriously.

Working our Dashi magic, we slowly simmer the carefully chosen vegetables and kombu to extract the best flavor and lock in umami. We don’t use meat or seafood so our broth is 100% plant based.

Take a slurp! 

The marriage between our Oishii Japanese broth and silky slim noodles will help you discover the existence of another level of pleasure for your palate.